Falling for Guns#16

Hello readers…today, from here I would say our story takes a time leap. After Falling for Guns#15, I’ve introduced this time leap and this will keep you guessing what changed between Devin and Faith and how. Trust me its only getting better…[Wynk]

Oh…how heavenly it feels…to be in your home, your shower, the cold water splashing on your face…taking away all the pain. I turn around to see into the full length mirror…how this life has changed me…changed me, into…. A Killer.

Life wasn’t easier before, I agree…but it dint feel this filthy either. Its getting tougher everyday…the way things are messing up. Devin is searching for the man whose making him suffer. I wonder if he remembers me….I wonder if he still loves me the way he did….I still love him…that’s why I want him alive…..

This post continues in ‘When the Tables Turn‘. Read the rest of this post here.

Find the image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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