Guys..here’s I am again with an excerpt from my ongoing story Falling for Guns….a little bit of sneak into how its gonna turn up later. I would be happy if you tell me whose the new character here..whose the protagonist in this little piece. Make a guess…cause here, the title says it all. [Wynk]

When tables turn…

“Whose this new guy…where has he come from…Snatches every deal…killed my two guys….?”.

Tensed and covered with smoke…”I cant sit here and watch my empire fall” shouted Devin.

He has been awake all night…kept an eye on him…every moment since then.

I can see him break down…bit by bit…everyday. [Sigh]

I place my faithful beretta on the table…I think its safe to close my eyes for few minutes now.

Relieved…I am…finally, now he will know…what he did…to me….and what happens…


Find the image here.


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