Not thinking of him…

This story is a response to the Challenge posted on Friday Fictioneers, which is a weekly blog link-up led by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple. A story inspired by the photo prompt, a beginning, middle and end in just 100 words or below, making every word count. Here goes my attempt, hope you guys like it. 

Not thinking of him…

“Some water, clay and my numb fingers that find their task. That makes me…that’s my life. Making, breaking and trying…all my effort is to build a new me. A sculpture of me, that has me and you, shows me but means you…”

The phone buzzes to bring Elena out from her reverie.

“Hi…no just work…not thinking of him, am fine…yes. I will be on time…just waiting for my gown and him. Yes, he agreed to be the best man and will be arriving soon….yes. See you….”

The prompt image

Find the featured image here.


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