Thinking of Colors

Thinking of Colors

Thinking of colors…everyone has their favorite color….a color they prefer in everything…clothes, accessories, room decors everything…right? Hey why one color…you are free to have a set of favorite colors. Colors that make you happy, and sad…colors you look good in and some that make you look dull. But are there any set of colors that always spread happiness…which dont have different shades…just one shade…no lighter…no darker…is there?

I guess there is…atleast to me…

Apart from the colors that we borrowed from nature…colors that we synthetically prepared…we have this color of positivity inside us. Yes…there is a color to positivity…a perennial color that reflects all happy shades that we see outside and distorts all sad shades into something funny. That color of positivity is the same for every positive, optimist…no wonder they somehow find each other and make history.

But this color fades at times…and that is a very dangerous consequence…why? because with the color of positivity fading, color of negativity gains up. And trust me this color of negativity is not one…this has thousands of shades to it…once it enters inside us…it multiplies…starts giving all shades in all different situations.

Why am I being preachy today?

Cause I just came across both the colors in my life way too many times…and to be honest, I have hundred shades of negativity in here…still am craving for that one color of positivity. It is very difficult…still am trying…hope you try too…

So from now, whenever you see beautiful colors, specially your favorite ones just search for that one color inside…crave for it just like your soul does…find ways to get it back. It just improves us bit by bit…it does this to me…try for yourself.

Find the image here.

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