In absentia – Magpie Tales

Source: In absentia – Magpie Tales is the recommended read for today. Its a beautiful post by Freya Writes… and here’s what I wanna say agreeing with the post. But first go ahead and read the post here.

A broken heart…still emanating light…and this could only happen with love still in there. Bitterness should never replace it…in case of true love, it can actually never. And it is I agree difficult to live with it, but its life…it always finds a way. Trust me you are happier with that love still in your heart…and not with bitterness or regret. Anyways you cant regret on something you had no control of…so a lost love should never lead to a broken heart I guess…it should instead be called AWOKEN HEART. With more love, and more understanding of how others feel, with more concern for your surroundings, emotionally and creatively awoken.

Kinda preachy today…I know…sorry.[Wynk]

Find the image here.

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