The Fool’s Game

A savage one at that

a game, for all us brats

age old shit some

surely talking of love….(What else?)


A fool’s game, you’re at

where you spend and spend

and bend and bend

and end up flat (yeah…then go beg!)


But you know the addiction

a bloody fixation

of getting someone to love

and fall again for a bluff


You give it all you got

to have some fun

some kisses and guns

until it ends in fraught.


Only to realize the plot

fire hundreds for one right shot

a fool fooling another

have fun, falling (in the ditch) together.


You go demolish the world (your own happy world!)

with pieces of your heart in hands

search for someone to put the blame on

while I sit and wait for you in this underworld.


You’d come to when you die

played all your cards, tried

tired and spent

at the game’s end.

Find the featured image here.




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