May you fight always

Its your birthday my dear friend Ricardo. And I just miss the cake, frankly (Ha Ha). My WordPress anniversary too, so am so glad to have known all people through this blog and am thoroughly enjoying sharing my stuff here.

So it’s just how I end up fighting with myself each time and how you try to do the damage control. That’s all we do. I have always been very in conflict with myself and more on the topics I’ve shared with you more than I’ve shared with anyone else. And remember, when I decided that you’re more yang and am not even able to cope with so much positivity that sometimes I feel maybe am very mean to you.

You’re lovely in letting me be frank and bitter and sweet, all and always with you. How you leave me fuming with all that tolerance sometimes, because all I know is logic and all you explain is love. But despite all and nothing that we have, sometimes its just you that I miss and not the logic.

Anyways, its your birthday and as I said, I just miss the cake….and I would always fight with you…so don’t worry, you will have to live longer than me.


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7 comments on “May you fight always

  1. Hehehe well, thank you for this sweet personalized musing. πŸ˜‰ That’s all I can come up with right now, since nice words tend to leave me somewhat wordless.
    That’s why it’s best you keep confronting me in your own logical ways on an almost daily basis, otherwise we’d just fade out into a blush and a hush… and that’d be boring.
    Thanks lady! πŸ™‚

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