This story is a response to the Challenge posted on Friday Fictioneers, which is a weekly blog link-up led by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple. A story inspired by the photo prompt, a beginning, middle and end in just 100 words or below, making every word count. Here goes my attempt, hope you guys like it.


Some stories that resemble yours, some words speak your heart. And what if you prefer living in those stories and never come out to your own story and live it with a new hope?

Vidhi had been in a lot of accidents, that’s what she calls them.

“I won’t blame them. You know sometimes it’s just your fate to learn the hard way. I’ve learned I never needed anyone else to live a perfect story. Right?”

She looked out the window, avoiding to face me. Her accidents have become bestsellers.

“Accidents make good stories I’ve learnt.”

The prompt image

Find the featured image here.


4 comments on “Twilight

  1. To do it occasionally, for short periods, can be fun. To do it for life brings despair. I have found that authenticity, living my own story, is of paramount importance. If the cost of being a best-selling author was to live inauthentically – as the story suggests – I would say that it isn’t worth it.
    Excellent take on the prompt. Was it triggered by the photo’s resemblance to a stage set?

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    • Yes it was triggered by the prompt in which I saw a few things that were supposed to decorate or stage some moment. Then I saw that two things kept at the window were actually things that alight and are used to bring light in darkness despite it being day outside. You know, it came to me that when you do not trust in your light to make stories and you depend on something from outside. When you do not go out in sun and absorb its light that is for you and you only. But stick to the staged environment you create for yourself in those stories that you write… But vidhi, the person in this post is more like she has her own stories that have made her prefer the staged life than the real one. The stories of her past are enough for what she aims to live, that’s how she feels. She has enough accidents to write about.


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