For the joy of love

I do not know how to write this poetically….but am gonna try definitely….

You know love and its favorite toy….that little heart that jumps with joy (and gets you in trouble)?

Have you ever been in a phase of life….when your heart holds the knife?

And it’s tempted to cut you deep….and though it pains, you don’t weep.

And the blood flows generously….and the heart beats ferociously.

Trying hard, as your chest tore….pumping out all blood it could pour….

Out of the wound it made on you….and on the soul too.

When it isn’t still satisfied….once again it picks the knife.

Cuts even deeper this time….making another wound alive.

And you know the pain already….ready for even more maybe.

And when the flowing blood has become an attraction….the deep dark color acts as a distraction (from pain).

Maybe this time you would snatch the knife….this time you stab it (in return) real nice.

Yes, keep stabbing yourself for the joy you know….now addicted, let the pain grow.

And feel the life draining from you….maybe now, the knife would be happy too.

Find the featured image here.


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