Two Weeks, Two Dates #32

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I remember the date and I can still mould some of the moments from that day, give them shape. Cause we started not so slow after all, we met and fired. She looked sweet enough that time, more so in the afternoons that followed but I will struggle to stick to first things first.

I never minded the loneliness but the lack of something, I truly craved a love that I could eagerly taste, at last. And this girl well… yes she appeared on a time not less perfect than she herself was. I didn’t live too too close but we worked it out regardless. And we came across each other a little off luck, not that it would’ve been an impossibility but it was that Friday evening when I came to town, plus I had no plans for that night. I just liked to walk, wander and that day I really couldn’t expect it.

I was really striding just behind her, not minding her business much but I did notice her, she looked really elegant and her hair very lustrous and its tone so rich.

But well, what got me there was that I reckoned she had let her jacket fall on a puddle right after a tight plastic bag that she was holding ripped off and let loose quite a few new books. I saw her so overburdened with all that stuff and as I was just watching, I really felt that I needed reach out you know… to lend a hand.

I ended up holding the books for her and we went on, and as she was indeed willing to go for the place as I was heading to, we entered the mall, and just as we waited in line it started…

“…and my name is Lenni by the way. Yours?”, she was not too shy, and her voice soft, always with a smile, a little unlike me… sometimes.

“Oh Klara… with a K, you’re telling me. That’s hum sort of rare… I guess. Very nice!” and as I spoke I indeed stared, for she had those eyes that striked me as just as rare as her name was. And she seemed absorbed. She was and I was and kept on going, now sat holding on to our cups of hot chocolate. I mean, a black tea for her.

I told her how I was currently on my last year of masters and so was she. We were the same age then. As it looked. And I confessed how it turned lucky that my purposeless walk to town would find me such a pleasant company. And as natural as it flowed, we certain were that we should come for a drink some other time. It’d be a shame to not re-engage in such effortlessly beautiful moment. Yes it would and she agreed.

Ricardo Elisiário

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