Two Weeks, Two Dates #30

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I have been in this story for as long as Klara. But never did we get the time to see the advent of this. It has been about her always, I never counted myself in this. But would someone want to read about a lover, a stalker, a heart-broken stupid dead guy? I just didn’t know…

I don’t know if I have ever been right about her, but I am as sure as the shining sun each morning… I have known Klara more than any man on this earth would ever know. How we met and how we ended…must say, how I ended…is a very deep dark story. Would you read the story I would tell? Well… I’ve always felt that my side of the story has always been imposed on you poor lovers of Klara…

I’ve been the most unrelatable element of her story… Well but who else would tell you her dark secrets. How the Klara you see became the Klara you’re about to experience? Steve needs to know what his girl has been upto. Yes I have plans to turn out the real Klara before everyone someday…cause waiting for her at this end of darkness is not an option anymore. I see her losing her touch over for this new guy.

So the story, her story, needs to be revealed….would you want to hear it already? The past of the beautiful Klara…

[Hey guys, we have been writing two perspectives of this story each week i.e. one from Klara and one from the ghost lover. This is the first post from the character of ghost directed to the reader (and not a self talk as it has always been). It shall continue to be in such manner until the climax from now on….that is if, any climax need be given to our dear Klara 😉 ]

Shaktiki Sharma

Find the featured image here.


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