Two Weeks, Two Dates #18

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Ahh Klara, why do you insist? Couldn’t you just as well come to the train on your own!? I know it’s persistent in you, that delusion, the run for the feelings you can’t seem to absorb. I know you keep trying to change somehow but it all ends up with you showing your oddest colors. The hardest you try, the worse you find yourself. Stop it! Say no, or yes, whatever, but please start giving different answers to what has always been consuming you. Your life is but a cycle of craving, but your famine will see no shortage any time soon. So change! you see, i changed all i could, I became impossible and still my finish, it was meaningless. You’re sick! And i loved you, i still do. Does he? You pray that he doesn’t or the outcome of it, well you know what it would be… hmm, Im yet tormented by you, and why? Worrying? For what reason do I? More blind is the one who doesn’t want to see. I try to, my touch, but you don’t even try. How he stares, it gives all away… infatuation of his, perhaps. His kisses of goodbye, simple but of the warmest color. I can’t see this.
You two, and the moment simply crests inside me, a time when i stop knowing what to feel anymore, what judgement to make of the angel you are. Disguised, I once heard that word overflow from your lips. Can I only now be reaching that conclusion? That you tried to warn me, but can your advice be ever not hypocritical? You got me thinking now, now not more than always but even so it amazes me this overthought past.

Ricardo Elisiário

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