To & Fro

Building hopes

throwing them away

giving out smiles

that retire with second thoughts

wanting love

but running away

searching through logs

but never calling

being the best

but doubting yourself.


Stop going to & fro

stop living and dying

all in a moment.

But wait…

Can you?

Find the featured image here.


5 comments on “To & Fro

      • Maybe, and maybe if we really really wanted that and saw that exit as the beautifulest, easiest, more linear or promissing maybe we’d just walk towards it. This belief that others enhance us and that we have some sort of role in others’ enhancement as well, maybe that is what makes us stay, and keep toing and froing. We know others are all that gives life meaning and we forget that they can and might they that meaning away just as easily. What then? Why don’t you stop then, why didnt you learn? Perhaps cause as a solo individual, youre just meaningless.

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      • Because stopping is just not a tendency for humans. They would continue to go to the other end, the otherend the idea… Always lures. But people do stop, and a solo individual isn’t meaningless my friend. Each soul has a meaning and its always to be realised through life and love if one encounters that in the true sense. You definitely know someone who has stopped to & froing atleast for now in the sense of love. But there is a bigger to & fro in life… That is indispensable.

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      • Yes, one might stop intentionally making the swing move but during the time it takes for it to sit still, youre still to and froing. It isnt over. It is hardly ever over, specially if you struggle to put your feet on the ground.


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