“I expected you two a little early,  playing safe ehh?”

Devin steps closer and points his gun at Marcus’s head. Marcus laughs aloud making the hall echo.  Bee enters the hall with guns in each hand followed by five men.

“is that all? ” Marcus spits. He walks towards Faith but Devin steps in between.

” It isn’t all Marcus, I hope we have more to talk on. I never crossed roads with you, you dint have to mess with me. We could have carried on the way we promised. Mom wouldn’t have wanted us like this. “

Devin glimpses at Faith, who looks at him intently trying to guess what they are talking about.

“Faith… Meet my father…. So called.”

Faith lowers her gun and walks towards Devin.

“Why…? ”

Marcus steps ahead and with his one step, Bee points his gun at Faith. Devin spins towards Bee,  taking that as a cue  multiple shots through the hall made a deafening echo.

” Devin… !! ”

Faith falls to the floor only to watch Devin’s body lying in a pool of blood, his gun still pointing towards her. Her hand trembles as she lifts her gun and points it at Marcus.

Multiple shots ring through the hall… Yet again.

***THE END (for now😉) ***




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