Devin sneaks into his mansion like a thief today. Faith hides a sarcastic smile,  but Marcus could be anywhere and both need to stay alert. Bee would be entering from the kitchen area and two men would try from the roof while Devin and Faith have gained access from the main entrance… Strangely to find no one yet.

“let’s split… ” Faith whispers to Devin as she checks her bullets.

” No… Stick… ” Devin turns around to pull Faith in front but she has already sneaked into the tv room. Devin shrugs and curses her softly but only to run after her.

The tv room is all shattered, the way Faith left it after the attack on Devin last month. But lights worked and the room was adequately lit already. That called for more caution as there might be someone there but Faith tip toed in open. Devin pulled her back and leaned the wall.

“What…? I said… split… ” Faith said whispered exasperatedly .

” and I said no… ” Devin signaled her to move slowly parallel to the wall.

Towards the end of the room on a couch sat someone dressed in an overcoat, having a clear view now that its Marcus, Devin cautioned Faith. Devin now knew where he was… and Faith knew what to do. She pounced in front,  pointing the gun to him. Devin followed.

” Welcome love birds,  I’ve been waiting for you… ”

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