Faith captures Ellie by neck and covers her mouth, pushes her down and drags her backwards. Devin signals Bee to cover the perimeter as Bee nears Faith.

“What’s wrong?”


“Ellie…? you’re working with Marcus?”

Ellie struggles to free herself but Bee holds her hands and makes her immobile.


“You were just a piece of shit Faith…your task was to kill Sam, but you…you did nothing… You just found Devin’s eye and he took you under. Marcus used you to keep Devin busy…you’re just a toy” Ellie jibes.

Bee pushes his gun into Ellie’s face. But she carries on.

“Today when Devin decided to meet you instead of killing you right away, Marcus realized you still are the only way to get through with him. Anyways…both of you…haha…you’re here…my job’s done.”

Bee hits Ellie and she coughs. Faith points to the first bedroom window. Movement in that room catches Devin’s attention too and he rushes towards where Bee and Faith had taken cover.

Faith looks at Devin and Devin turns towards her after telling Bee to take Ellie into the nearest car.His eyes tense and focused. She could see what he has been through, his eyes searching her face as if it holds solution to all his problems. She opens her mouth to tell him but he gently covers her mouth with his right hand making her spin and sit down with him.

An armed man peeks out of kitchen window right in front of them.

“How many? ”

” Do you care? ” Faith said without looking at him.

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