They got off at the next station. Faith followed Ellie’s footsteps to the car waiting outside the station and to the mansion.

“He hasn’t got it renovated…?”

“Nah…you made this mess remember? He supposedly would never renovate this now…because you two stayed here. He doesn’t want your memories.”

Faith’s head falls…she looks at the ground while walking to the gate. Gates were still strong. They were built strong…Faith always admired the beauty of their home. Devin’s and her’s…like it used to be.

“Where is he?”


Faith sees Bee walking towards them from behind. He hides not to catch Ellie’s eye. He signals to Faith…to not go inside and taking cue Faith slides out her gun from her boots and gets ready for whatever is behind the door.


Ellie spins to look at Faith…to a gun pointed at her face and Devin and Bee running towards them with their men.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.


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