Celebrating the Angel of Love.

Well its our love guru Ricardo Medeiro Elisiario‘s birthday.  So this post,  its for him and for other love addicts too. 

Love is your idea, it’s always on your mind, it’s what you crave and it’s what you preach. Strangest question that I ever asked you…Have you ever been in love? What would you say….

Well don’t reveal, alright….let the readers guess from what you write. Let the procedure remain sanct. But why I call you a LOVE GURU? Well thats what we shall see here.

When I first came across the blog called “Let’s talk about the L word“, it seemed like any other guy who writes of his love and stories. Pictures were nice (that’s what drew me to read actually) and thence I read one post,  then the other and another.  He was quite frequently writing those days. I pressed some of them and wrote comments on some.  Well, all were brilliant.

I checked his instagram pics on the blog too, that is where I found him.  This young boy who breathes love and warmth more than air.

When we talk its more about love,  like we being some activists discussing topics of social welfare.  He is so random and funny at times that I end being a kid with him. Talking of the L word all the time , he is so lost in that utopian land of eternal love that its impossible for someone to not venture on with him . Now lets talk about love since a post dedicated to Ricardo cannot be without talking of love .

WAIT is what you call love my dear , all that you spell out about love translates in this one word . All his posts , they breathe love but smell of wait . And I simply agree because love has to be wait . With and beyond your lover … There is nothing but wait in every story of love and there is no love that does not wait .

When you are in love you wait for every moment every second that could come with your lover’s company and when you wait for love,  well you wait ….and when you have a heart break you wait for a mend. Its an integral part that consumes most of your lifetime and still you dredge it .

His muses dont actually effect much into his writes, lets say he does get inspired by people and emotions that simmer in him but what he writes is more generic , relateable for all. His ends (end to a pos))  are always special to me , the way he ends the discourse is opposite to what I walk towards each day but his post still makes me believe somehow . They are always positive always with a touch of light that he himself carries inside , and why not ?  I mean everything about love should be positive,  even the most dark phase of love has the light to your new life.

He spells out love like it should be and also blandly as how it is ….the perfect way to draw it for everyone. So sweet birthday boy , just keep doing this to everyone , this magic of yours . I wish you all the best for all that awaits you and may god bless you .

Find the featured image here.


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