Ellie shifts the gun towards her face and gives a very known smile. Faith wasn’t expecting Devin to send Ellie for her…if he was, anyhow going to track her and kill her that is.

“What have you done Faith….I thought you’re an intelligent player, even maybe you’re the best around here…but you…look at you…”

“Ellie…please believe me, am not Marcus…you know me well…”

Faith tries to reason with Ellie. Maybe Ellie still was a friend somewhere inside, maybe she cared.

“Ohh…Faith listen, real quick… I know…you’re not Marcus is obvious.”

Ellie sits slowly beside Faith and points the gun at her again.

“Because you see…your boss is dead…Marcus? He’s dead.”

“Marcus is dead?”

Ellie forces the gun to dig in Faith’s neck and Faith bends her neck to left and closes her eyes. A sign of surrender.

After a pause, Ellie smacks her lips and speaks.

“Yes so…its you…Devin wants. You’re the only loose end we need to terminate.”

Faith’s eyes shutter open. She straightens herself, tightly grips the gun and pushes it away from self but towards Ellie.

“You’re takin me to Devin…you dont need this.”

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.


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