Faith dished out her cell from the pockets of her sweater, to call Devin…once again. She waits patiently, praying for him to pick, to hear his voice once before Marcus finds her. She was there waiting for his voice, waiting for her death, waiting for forgiveness and for the end.

“What do you want?”

“Devin… ohhh Devin…”.

Faith’s voice breaks. Tears that had pooled in her eyes now trailed down her cheeks. She finally hears him.


“Devin… please listen to me.”

“I’d already intimated you very unambiguously that there cannot be any deals between us.”

“Devin…am not Marcus…am Faith…just Faith.”

After a long silence, Faith courage’s up to speak. Calculating how to convey in least words before he cuts the call.

“I was hired to kill Sam, that day, in the kids center…you shouldn’t have messed it. I’d seen you, recognized you in an instant. I do work for Marcus, but I am not Marcus. When I was with you…I was just with you. Completely out of Marcus’s reach…free, like I’d never been before, like me…”

There is no response from the other side but Faith spirited enough to say it all before all ends. She dint care much, would Devin believe or not, does it matter to him or not, she definitely had betrayed him in some manner…why would he trust. Marcus was anyways going to find her.

“When you sent me to Sam, to get his business, to raid Marcus was a wrong plan. Devin…Marcus and Sam had joined hands. You should’ve known. I was forced Devin…I was forced…to do this. Believe me… am just Faith.”

“Sorry…i don’t know this Faith.”

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