Falling for Guns#42

“Pick up…please pick Devin.” (I’ve got to tell him all…the truth, I don’t care what happens next. Fear from Marcus is not killing me…betrayal from you is…)

“please pick dammit….”

Faith throws away the cell that goes shattering through the tiled floor. She walks over to the bar and picks a bottle and while getting undressed. She was still in the clothes Devin met her in yesterday. Drinking straight from the bottle she walks to the windows of her apartment.

“I know you wont talk to me. I know whats the plan now. Come after me Devin…come…”

She walks to the small table in the corner near the windows. She gulps down the bottle in one go.

“I could help you find me…I just wanna help you now…even if it is to kill me…”

Tired of all the eventful past hours and a sleepless night, Faith puts her head down on the cold wood.

“I know Devin your plan…come to me…I want to see you…hear you once…come to me for one last time, even if its for…”

Faith images Devin stepping out from behind the green curtains…piercing the light…with a gun in his had.

“Come…take Revenge…”

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.



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