Two Weeks, Two Dates #2

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Stretched on a green hammock…she is the most beautiful body that bathes in this ombre moonlight. She swings her right leg hanging down from hem…to and fro…to and fro…just with the rhythm in which my heart beats for her. Her beautiful blue eyes tired from the long drive, though I know she loves driving…especially when she’s coming out here. Her long brown hair flowing with the coastal breeze releasing her scent, just for me…mmmmmh like her body knew. Am too jealous of this leisurely air, that cools itself with her touch, skimming her soft milky skin. I remember every single day I’ve seen her, absorbed her, known her, touched her…seen her frowning, smiling, laughing, crying, angry, addicted, all her faces are now mine…I breathe her in and out. Her expressions tell half but what she thinks, her words come so sweet that even the ruthless death would seem passing, her smile brings life into the most dull moments… Trust me…she could just kill a man with a wink of her eyes.

To see her alone here today tempts me too much but…it’s not time yet, not today.

I always try to remain at a little distance only to keep her this free, this natural. Yes, I fear her sensing my presence…what would she think? That I follow her this way, she obviously would know how much I love her…or maybe not. No reason would satisfy her…not even one in disguise of a loving heart. No reason had ever satisfied her. I know her on that…on that and much more than that. I know what she thinks this moment when she twirls her fringed hair on her index finger and giving that serene smile to the stars out there…she’s naming them. And I know what she means by every word that graze those soft curves, her lips…why?

Because I be with her…every single moment since we first met, yes I follow her but she doesn’t know.

Ohh…she’s coming back in the house, it’s the phone ringing…probably her parents…well yes it’s her mom.

Shaktiki Sharma

Featured Image: “lonely girl on an island” by Frank Scheller.


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