Falling for Guns#39

Devin’s eyes spilling suspicion and Faith’s…concern. Their confusion was mutual, but he had lost trust and that was more dangerous. Well, if any thing was to be carried on further now. Devin tries to concentrate on her eyes, trying to stay poker not spilling out his turmoil.

“Listen to me Devin, very carefully…”

Faith draws her face closer to Devin, as if to whisper. Devin decides not to be intoxicated with her scent this time…his struggle was palpable too.

“I was working with you and I still want to work with you, this revelation…well it doesn’t change anything.”

She tugs at his chair, to bring his face even closer.

“Does it?”

Devin takes a drag of her and pushes back, letting the chair go swiveling away as he swiftly stands.

“Working with you Marcus, was never an option to me and you had never worked WITH me either. Secondly, I don’t remember any Ms. Faith and having met you for the first time…we don’t have anything to change between us. ”

Devin pulls out a cigarette, and lights it up. He is back to his old self…at least that’s what he wants to be back to.

“My best advice for you Marcus, stay away from me and my business. I don’t bother you that way.”

As Devin starts walking away, the automatic doors of the conference room letting him out…Faith knows there is something breaking inside her but she wont show either.

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Find the featured image here.


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