Two Weeks, Two Dates #1

Two Weeks, Two Dates is a fiction coming from the pens of two WordPressers, Ricardo Elisiário and Shaktiki Sharma, together contributing on a weekly basis.

Yes, she wasn’t feeling quite settled today… Well, it came to be night already and Klara was just unpacking. Now halfway through holidays, college gone and done, third year, and she had moved out of town for Summer as usual. How she awaits for these beach bathed vacations, the rest and the smell of barely something other than sand and spoiling algae that lays cooking and stinking under the hard sunny noons.

The residence, detached in a quiet spot, smooth white and dark roofs, untended perennial garden up front and sides, rushing to a tiny pool out back. Inherited from her paternal grandparents, now vague year round, lifeless, only serving this purpose. She was oddly on her own this time, stepping in on the first days of an oddly colder August. Took the 3 hour drive Northwest to the coast. Whom or whatever she leaves back is never much of a problem to her. The new guy, couldn’t come since he’d signed in to some internship somewhere, promising it seemed. The two, they share something that may lack definition but it surely is entertaining both.

Anyway, Klara is indeed a beautiful woman. Elegant, not too tall or tanned, of a long and straight brown hair, cute eyes, shady blue, glaucous in days of haze or whenever she stares right at the troubled ocean. Half past midnight, laid on a green hammock held from the wooden pilasters of upstairs’ porch, the sight isn’t grand, facing a scrambled and moist woodland spiked with so elongated pine trees, exuding a woody aroma somehow pleasant. Her feet pointing to the shore, and down there one sees only a few regularly spaced street lights glowing orange, the moon up above and a fast breeze that arose to disquiet the now savagely waving floor-length curtains that went outside only to touch her left cheek and chest. Her phone’s ring suddenly echoes through her bedroom just inside, audible amidst the soft Rock she was listening to.

“Hey mom! What are you doing up this late? You could have called earlier…”
– …
“Yeah, right! Sorry, I could’ve just phoned too. Guess I was just a little too busy setting things up around here.”
– …
“Sure… ummm, I ate it yeah! I’m good, tired but fine. You go get some sleep, I’m pretty much done for the night as well.”
– …
“Yeah, goodnight. Take care and talk tomorrow. Kiss.”

Ricardo Elisiário

Featured image: “Untitled(24709429)” by Maria Safronova


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