Falling for Guns#38

“You can keep calling me as Faith…You’re special you know..”

As Devin and Faith approach to a huge conference room, Devin still hasn’t analysed what he is doing here now.


“Marcus…what do you want from me?”

“Ohh.. please Devin, you know me far too well to put that question. Come have a seat.”

Faith signals for screening the conference room, and as all the lights go off except the ones on the the conference table, she shifts towards Devin. Her eyes soft…like nothing has changed between them, like Devin means everything.

“Safety Protocol…you never liked anyone around when am with you, right Devin? Please respond…”

“I don’t know Marcus…this is your place, so your rules.”

“Devin…please don’t make this difficult for me.”

Faith stands and bends at Devin’s chair, swiveling it to face him. She places her hands on his chair’s hand rests and looks at him intensely. The chemistry between them was palpable, they both knew it…felt it…but tried to keep it buried.

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Find the featured image here.


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