Falling for Guns#37

“Mr. White…”

The old man looks at Devin in a wicked manner, the look that laughs at Devin…definitely knows his pain. As if he knew…knew how he felt.

“Are you alright Devin?”

Faith’s voice…cold but still that same sweet voice. The same that soothed his pain, is now as sharp as a blade…cutting through his heart and soul. Trashing his trust and bewildering his mind…

“Sir, would you not want to shake hands with me?” She say’s and bends her face to the right…like an innocent child.

Devin puts his left hand in Faith’s right…it is Faith for sure. He could tell by her touch. But it wasn’t…She is Marcus…his mind believed now…his heart wont. Stills of how she used to look at him in complete randomness…those stares and smiles…all fake?…projected inside.

“Good evening…Marcus….”

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.


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