Falling for Guns#36

A man in his late fifties walks toward them as Devin and Bee put up straight faces.

“Devin…nice to see you finally.”

“You’ve been dying…aren’t you?”

As they shake hands, a known figure walks towards them.

“Meet Marcus…”

The woman whose been his life, was before him. Faith Grave walking at him…dressed in dark maroon, at complete ease she felt so different. And Devin, he went so numb that Bee had to hold his hand to bring him back.


Faith stood in front of Devin, offering a hand shake and Devin wondered if it actually is Faith. Was it the same girl who lived with him, who helped him plan and kill Sam…or that’s what he thought. Was she the same girl whom he had loved so much and trusted enough to risk his life.

This is Faith…Marcus…or is this a dream.. a bad dream that he is seeing with his eyes open.

Find the Previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.


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