Falling for Guns#35

Devin looks at the sky and enters the grey building. Bee walks by his side.

“Any news?”

“Not yet sir.”

“Keep them at cue.”

“Yes Sir”

Bee whispers into his cell and disconnects as they reach the check.

Two men in orange step forward to frisk Devin and Bee. Bee blocks them.

“Devin White…tell Marcus.”


“Red code.”

As the two men pass the check, Devin gives a nod to Bee. Bee turns around and walks back to the men in orange.

“Has Ms. Grave visited Marcus yet?”

“No one by that name sir…”

“Any lady in her twenties…?”

“No Sir…”

Bee frowns and jogs to Devin. He shakes his head in denial and bows in regret.

Devin stops in his track and anger in his voice is palpable as he seethes.

“Trace her…fast. She never follows plan…this is impossible.”


Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.


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