Falling for Guns#34

Without shifting her eyes from Devin’s Faith takes her aim. Devin’s eyes shut, slight shock and amusement on his face. The gun shot echoes in the hall like…eternally.

He falls down on his knees with a thud…and after a beat, slowly opens his eyes to look at Faith. To only find her not standing there anymore.

“You did it sweetheart…you ended it all…”

Bee enters the hall and helps Devin off the floor…

“Bee…you’re just in time.”

“Sir…Marcus is in town.”

“Where’s Faith…?”

“She’s gone after him.”

“It worked…ohh thank god…it worked”.

“Yes sir.”

Devin rushes out of his apartment wondering why Faith dint warn him of Sam. Hoping that she’d be able to handle the rest.

Find the featured image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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