[The narrative is in first person today.]

Falling for Guns#32

Looking fresh as ever, this man never fails to amaze me. His presence unsettles me, but I try to stay calm. This had to be done right…

“A very good morning Ms. Grave. I hope you are better this morning. ”

“No doubts.”

Devin nods at Bee and apparently he’s demanded space. Bee closes the door behind him and stands right there.  He certainly is his best, he knows all without Devin having to speak.

Devin sits on the side couch and regards me with a content smile. I wonder what amuses him….

“I was informed you’re faring better and wanted to see me….about business?”

“Well yes Mr. White, I propose you a deal.”

“A deal?…this is even better.”

He shifts into an attentive pose now.

“Yes, a deal…I will tell you all I know about the blast and that day…”

“Will you now…?”

He relaxes back on the couch. His response is signalling the same that Bee had said last night. He doesn’t want to know…or does he know that I don’t have anything to tell….or is this a new game plan? I don’t know how this is going to turn out but this I’ll have to…

” And in return I need you to stay away from me.”

“I was letting you go this morning…you are free to go right this moment.”

“I needed assurance…a promise.”

“A promise…from me?”

A light wave of sorrow runs through his face, Devin swiftly gets up and turns around to leave. I rush toward him and catch hold of his arm, I needed him out…affront…


His dark brown eyes wide with shock, but I could see pain on his face. Like he had swallowed something bitter. He shrugs my hand off.

“I said I need an assurance that you or your men wont follow me.”

“Faith…I can’t…I can’t do that…leave you alone…ever.”


Find the featured image here.

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