Falling for Guns#31

With the pinch of a syringe piercing her skin, Faith’s consciousness returns.

A doctor sitting at the left of the bed. Warm room, scented air, large interiors…she could not recall the place. But she knew where she was and who brought her here. Bee stood at the corner of the room towards the entrance.

“I’ll tell what I know…” she nods at Bee.

Her body may be weak for a battle right now but her brain was in full action. She had a plan.

“Sir isn’t keen on seeing you anymore.”

“Am ready to tell whatever he needs to know, everything about the train and the lab…”

“Ms. Grave you should rest now. To the right is a buzzer that you can use if you need any help.”

“How come he’s not interested anymore……you guys brought me here for this information. Now am giving…what’s the problem?”

“Mr. White needs you to be fit and leaving. Please take rest.”

“Ohhh…does he now? Wait, stop right there…this isn’t going to be like he wants. You have me confined here illegal…then you torture me, thats criminal…and all of this to have me fit and leaving?” Faith tries to get up and off the bed, but her legs fail her.


“Don’t you…relax me. Tell Devin I need to talk to him, this day….right now.” She struggles to stay in a sitting position.

“About what?”

“About what…? About what ever that is he wants from me…tell him, am not leaving unless we talk.”


Bee strides out of the room and the door shuts and locks itself.

Faith was puzzled again….and again, she struggles to find a new card to play, she wouldn’t lose this easy.


Find the featured image here.

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