Falling For Guns#30

Today’s part is in continuance with part #15. It’s a flash back to what brought them here completing the missing part of the story before it ends.

“Get her down and feed her”.

Faith could hear the harsh voice echoing in the dark room. She was numb but anger had kept her from passing out.


She calls out his name but doesn’t expect him to answer, muddled with emotions that flowed through her she fumbles as she is brought down and carried through a gallery into a lounge and then a large room.

“Sir I think we should call a doc ”

“Do then…”

Devin’s voice cognizable even through her dizziness.

“I hate you…” she manages to spit.

“I need her fit to talk…as soon as possible “.

She could hear his footsteps fading. She wanted to be fit to talk more than him.

Find the featured image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.



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