Falling for Guns#28

The blast was a distraction, to steal Faith from the scene…but dint go by plan.

“It was the biggest mistake I ever made…”

Coming out of his reverie, Devin looks up at the clock. Its 3 am and no news from Bee yet.

“I wonder where he is…”

Devin wanders down to the main room where Albert was ready for instructions. Albert was keen on replacing Bee and Devin knew that.

“Trace Bee…bring him here but ensure he’s not been comprised about the location.”

“Yes sir…I’ll send someone on this.”

“No…Bert, you need to attend this yourself. I need a man on trust on this. Get me back on Faith’s location too….and bloody hurry up will you guys…?”

With passing time Devin had started blaming himself for compromising on the secrecy around Faith with his security. He had doubts about the people right now.

Sam’s been free…he was the trade made that day. Devin’s plan had backfired and Marcus had got hold of Faith. He wanted Sam…and Devin very well knew.

It was the day he had been avoiding…the day that brought him in front of Faith…visible.

Find the featured image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.



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