Falling for Guns#27

She was the bait, he was the hunt. That was the first day’s story.

Marcus had somehow got hold of the information, Devin never expected Faith to be a part of his cognizant life.The cell rang and a known voice from a unknown number greeted Devin.

“How are you Mr. White?”

“Marcus…how dare you…”

“Call you? Well, I have something that would concern you.”

Devin tries to figure out why and how was Marcus on his cell.

“Silence is not something I expect from you Mr. White.”


“Ms Grave…I can see her right now…boarding the train.”

Devin’s brain goes into freeze mode. Faith was a matter he dint even discuss to himself for the fear of harm. How could this be a matter of concern in his business.Should he react or not…will they harm her ?”

“Mr. White…do you remember the name….or is it fine if we go about our business around her?”

“What do you want?”

“A talk with you…with her as a hostage…ensuring no double cross from your side.”

“She would not know…she doesn’t know me…”

“Very right…I know that she doesn’t know you…she wouldn’t know…thats a promise.”

“Send the coordinates…on the train in 10 minutes.”

Devin felt vulnerable, he knew Marcus was never to be trusted. This was a trap for sure…to trade Faith for Sam. He wouldn’t let her into this. But there she was…in front of him, peeking at him shyly.Devin cursed…Marcus should be on his mind not Faith.

This was how he wanted to be with her…but not right now…not on this train…

Find the featured image here.

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