Reassurances of Insanity

Reassurances of Insanity

Bringing all the facts together,

Let me make a statement now…

“My insanity knows no bounds,

And my mind knows no limits of blabber”.

Well, the shades all possible,

All that I ever went through in love…

Locking all of em in a vault,

Still catching up on em, making them visible.

You and me, we are strangers,

But stranger I am to myself, than am to you…

With you…am more transparent too,

With you…am less in danger.

You read to make me possible,

I write to be existent…

Sharing to greater extents,

We have a role for each other.

Abstract, fiction and all the brevity,

Stemming from an unknown need…

A need like a drug that I crave for,

More like reassurances of my Insanity.


Find the featured image here.


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