Falling for Guns#26

Sam was in Devin’s capture, and after a long time he was at rest.

He was content in his power, but the girl at the kid’s center haunted him….day and night.

“Faith…” She had saved his life, well that’s what he thought.

Devin credited her that he was alive, and Sam would now pay for his fault.

“Faith Grave”.

Devin read details about his new fetish. A girl for a change…not a gun this time.

“No Family…?” He looks at Bee and then back to the papers.

Bee shakes his head “No sir”.

“No home…”

“No sir…”

Devin puts down the sheet of paper on the table and stands up. Running his long fingers through his hair as he frowns….”She is like me.” he murmurs.


“Nothing…can you find a home for her? with a friend or so we can ensure she is fine?”

“Yes sir.”

“Thanks Bee”.

Ellie was Devin’s intervention in Faith’s life, he was there for her even before she knew. But he dint want her to know him, wouldn’t have risked this. He felt different…but was not allowed to change.

Love was not his forte….Guns were. He preferred remaining invisible, until….

Find the featured image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.



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