Bygone Valentine

Bygone Valentine

Am late for this post cause my laptop crashed and despite the fact that I sincerely wanted to write something for 14th Feb, I end up writing today….what I was about to write is totally opposite to what I’ve written….its not feminine or men like, the thought is more abstract and I hope you guys like it.

The silence and chirps, the smiles and frowns…

those sunny afternoons of missing,

and intoxicating nights went down.

The words and expressions, the stops and question marks…

those reading sessions on weekends,

and owning new stories in the dark.

The longing and believing, your existence transparent…

beneath the same sheets,

waiting nightmares to end.

Of facts and fancies, yours or mine…

with subsisting feelings and warmth,

I wish you the day of love…my bygone valentine.

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