Falling for Guns#25

Faith ran towards the car…shouted at the others following…


She rushes back in to ensure no kid was missing. The count’s fine.

Time passed in a jiff and the kids went off with their guardians. Faith hated this part….


Going back to a place….she never called home. She was a guest at her friend’s house…but then there were times she had to stay out all night.

Today was one of those days, and Faith had decided to be somewhere near the river. And somewhere she could be away from the city….and people…and stuff…

She took a cab to the nearest spot and walked down to the river. The river was still and sad…

“We like each other…don’t we…?”

She longed for a home…for her family…which was no more existent….will never be.

“Will we always be here…you and me staring at each other, silent…and static?”


Find the featured image here.

Find the previous part at Falling for Guns.


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