Falling for Guns#24

That girl…in caretaker’s uniform, her head dug in a book…walking straight towards him. Devin wondered how a girl so young and fragile could be hired as a caretaker for kids of just few years less age.

She wasn’t stopping, walking straight towards him…not looking up. Devin sneered and stepped aside, letting her pass.

Then swept a sharp gaze around the hall…no sign of his men yet.

“I wonder… what these bastards are upto. Should not take this long….hell just blow up this place.”

“Who are you..?”

Devin stilled, without turning around. He dint want conversations at a place he was going to bust down.

“Don’t you know, you need a parent pass to enter? And whats that….hey put that down!!!”

Devin turned around now, sure that the girl wasn’t talking to him. There he was…Sam.

Right behind Devin, just few feet away…with the gun pointed at him. The girl stood between Devin and Sam. Devin saw Bee from the corner of his eye. One of the huntsmen reached up from Sam’s behind and put a hand on his shoulder.

Devin knew Sam was on target now…though the girl dint see the gun. Bee signaled Devin to leave from the other entrance. And Devin rushed out, content that Sam was now contained.

Devin waited in his car, he could see Sam being brought into one of the other cars.

But then…the girl…she came out of the building…running with a pen and book in her each hand.

Brown hair, dark eyes, dull face and slim figure….she looked inquiring. But the cars sped off.

She has caught his eye…and how it would turn their lives…well that was in Devin’s hands.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the featured image here.



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