Falling for Guns#23

“Why hasn’t she broken down?”

Devin paced up and down, Bee stood ahead in a corner with his hands folded. He had been saving her all this while. More than the blast, there was more she might have seen that day. He knew what would be her fate, if Marcus got hold of her.

“Bee…get her down, take her to my place.”

“Yes sir.”

Devin had seen faith much before she saw him at the tube that day. Ellie had been her room mate on purpose. Devin always took care of Faith in his own way. She was the person who helped him in a way she never knew. She was beautiful, caring and more importantly the first person who thought of Devin as a person.

About 6 months back, Faith was at the kid’s center. She worked there part time, an information Devin later used to help her. Devin had a tough time containing Sam. Sam was his only business partner, both black and white ways. Sam had a hide at the kid’s center, that was operative only in nights. But that day, Devin went there to blow up the place. Sam had betrayed….then tried killing Devin. This was a crime Devin would hang him for that day. He wanted to see die right in front.

“Search the whole place, bring him to me…blow up the place if he’s not in there.”

Devin stood at the gate of the center, watching the kids play…amidst them was a girl….

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.



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