Falling for Guns#22

This week’s part is Devin’s perspective, in a way that I’ve never dealt before. His thoughts will take you through the flash back of the story as to how Faith and Devin end up being this way. The flash back will continue for few subsequent parts. Hope you’re enjoying the story so far.

Its been difficult…very difficult these days…

Seems like I’ve been trapped…trapped in this maze….since you left.

Where aaare you Faith…I just need to know that you’re fine.

Bee hasn’t called back. Wheeere is he…? He was supposed to find her and bring her here.

Devin gets up and strolls towards the other end of a big room. This room was just one part of a secret apartment, that no one in the business knew of. Not even his allies. He was safe here…had twenty well trained men, best in their job at his security. An army of men would be here in less than 5 minutes, at his beck and call. He could stay here for two years at a stretch.

Devin stops a feet away from the window, he knew he was not supposed to even peek out. His life is in danger…thats what last few days have been about, finding who’s trying to kill him…and more importantly what they want from Faith.

“I never wanted it to effect you…isn’t this why we parted…to keep you safe…away…from me.”

Devin pulls down his hat and pops a cig in his mouth, lighting it and taking a strong puff. He holds it in for long and lets out with a sigh.

“I can never get out of this Faith…but I don’t want you…in all this…this suffering.

I hope you still remember me…the way I do…”

Find the featured image here.

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