Falling for Guns#19

“What’s taking this long…send me the snaps…each and every detail.”

Devin takes out a cig and lightens.

“How callous can you get Bee…Who were they..how’d they found me?”

“I want the villa cleared up…no thing personal left in there and report me with the fresh snaps of each area touched. Whats missing and whats not…everything”

With a strong puff Devin releases the smoke as if to release the turbulence inside.

His cell budges…the snaps…he takes careful look at each of em. It rings…

“Bee is that all ?”

“Yes Sir…they haven’t touched your study…nothing important missing only few rooms trespassed..but nothing missing. They came for you.”

“Hmmm…lemme finish with the snaps. Call me after 2.”

“Yes sir.”

Devin goes back to the snaps…giving each less than a second. He trusted Bee…if Bee is sure nothing misses..nothing misses.

Devin stops flicking through the snaps and holds the screen closer…as if trying to dive in.

“F..fff..faith…” he gasps…still as a stone, he stood in a place far from danger….but…she…

“Bee…the photo…Faith’s photo missing from my room…where is she. She is in danger…locate her…put her to safety…update me asap.”

He cuts the call and takes a deep puff….more in danger is….his life now.


Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.

Find the image here.


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