Falling for Guns#17

A loud bang wakes me up…

I kick the chair back and rush to the window…Devin’s car is racing towards south…gun shots following. As soon as his car turns the edge…out of my view…I rush upstairs.

Slamming the terrace door…I slide the side wall and peek towards Devin’s house. Three men on the terrace…five in the roadway one of them shouting at the others…taking the balcony staircase I sprawl into plush gardens of his villa.

Its just one of the few places where Devin holds his meetings. I know the house perfectly as all villas here are built alike. Just need a window inside. Ahhh…the backyard door is open…perfect.

And the way out was pretty easy…let’s just say there were many ways out. I take a frame of Devin and me along….it was hanging in the upstairs bedroom. I wonder if he has us in his every house…he still loves me…

The guy who was shouting at the others was the last one to die…and thanks to him I know where to find my next target.


Find the image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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