NUMBERS don’t make ME…WORDS do

Hi guys, My blog showed a notification today…that I made my 100th post.

I never counted…nor did I assume am good enough to make a post every week if not every day. And more importantly…that I could make posts that could gain any praise, but still I wrote for my solace…guess it just grew on me more when I saw you guys liking them, so it made me happy.

But numbers still dont matter…am a failure at maths, maybe that is the reason but anyways…just thought of few lines, so here goes…

NUMBERS don’t make ME…WORDS do

I evaporate…

everytime you measure me.

I succumb…

everytime you age me.

Who needs to know…

what number I am on.

All dies…

these numbers are silent killers.

I live…

where words begin.

Positions, marks, percentages…

NUMBERS don’t make ME….WORDS do.

Find the image here.




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