Falling for Guns#15

How does it feel to be in control of everything one second and tasting dirt the other.

The chilly air pushes strands of hair away from my face, and the ceiling is under my feet. Upside down the world looks equally Devin as it was right side up. The only relief is a window…as the breeze cools down the anger in me and lets prudence prevail.

“So…Ms. Grave, would you please be kind enough to detail the event that you witnessed that day…the day you first eyed me…” and he winks…I still have a loose end there, which is very dangerous given these circumstances.

“I know nothing Devin…and I wont say anything more than this no matter how much more you plead…” I leave the words hanging, upside down…just like me.

“Plead…you think am pleading?” He gives that one-eyebrow up look, with that his face shows amusement.

“Yes…as a matter of fact I see you begging…” I give him the smirk.

He swiftly walks towards me and bows down slowly…his face close to my neck….and he whispers something I could barely catch.

“Begging is what will come from you now…Ms. Grave”. He walks out of the dark room banging the door loud. The room…has just one bulb lighting it dim red… and I can feel the blood draining from my feet to my brain.

Find the image here.

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