Falling for Guns#14

“What is the matter Mr. White…what’s making you so desperate.”

I break the ice…after all I need this to stop lest am left ruined…well what’s left to lose on the second thoughts…so lets just play this game my way.

His eyes widen as he looks at me…I shocked him with my cool I guess. This actually makes me cool…my temper lowers…really. So…I pick the knife and fork and start eating. One morsel…and I look up at him…

“Why don’t we just finish this today…?”

“Ms. Grave….that’s the very intention of bringing you here.” He spreads the napkin on his lap and starts too. I never had this habit of placing the napkin…but then I never spill…what he said is intimidating as well as relieving, but I struggle to stay relaxed…don’t want him to smell fear.

“So…What is it that you want from me…which actually has made you so desperate that you’re treating me with this…” I wave around…the house and then point at the food on my fork.

“Ms. Grave…I had made that clear already I guess…you are to keep some secrets safe, or else you shall be unsafe.”

“Ha ha…(I mock) really Devin…you think I care…?”

Shocked, wide-eyed he stares at me…the fork in the air…midway to this mouth. And me…am smiling my most devious smile…

Let’s play the game baby…

Find the image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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