Falling for Guns#13

Mulling in their minds today:

Devin – How am I supposed to get around this lady. Never have seen a woman this stubborn. Threats dint work, money dint work…what am I left with now. Should I just ask her what she wants to keep shut. Maybe Bee was right, I cannot handle her alone, but Bee is no good help either. Why cant she just tell me herself what she wants in return…this is such a mess…wonder why am dealing with her. Should’ve killed her that very day…but she seems so perfect. These women…they just are the devil in person. [Frown]

Faith – This man…what does he want…what is the secret of that day, that makes him do this to me. What do I know that I actually don’t know…that intimidates him. He is every bit illegal, every bit criminal, still so perfect. I wonder what he has in mind…how can I make a deal of something I don’t have any idea of. Why doesn’t he just let me speak once…once that I don’t know anything and then this can actually stop. He has already made my life and my future a mess…no friends, no family, no job…he ruined me, how should I deal with this devil. [Frown]


Find the image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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