Falling for Guns #12

Falling for Guns#12

Clinking of glasses…heavenly aroma. A sumptuous dinner laid before me.

Hands tied at the back and two owls staring at me.

“So…Faith, whats the decision…?”

“You know me Elly…and the fact now being that I don’t know you…I am not responsible to give answers.”

“Ms. Grave you’re in deep trouble…Mr. White would be arriving soon.”

“Trouble is heerrr second name Bee….she is the most trouble inviting person I’ve known so far…”

Can’t fathom what Elly was and is right now…is this the Elly I knew for last four years?

Bee…or whatever his name is looks at the door…like a dog knows when his master arrives…

Devin enters in casual…blue tee and white shorts…amazing how a man can be so devious and handsome at the same time.

“Why is Ms. Grave still tied…free her hands…she will have dinner with me….just the two of us”

Bee gives Devin a cautious look and Devin gives him a nod. What does he mean by just two of us…?


Find the image here.

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