Falling for Guns#10

“Stark…Stark…follow me…”

Devin rushes into the cabin where he had just behaved the best…the best in case of a woman.

“That is the very reason I hate dealing with bitches…Stark!”

Devin turns around to find Stark shocked at his reaction. Gary, his business advisor…well the investment business advisor had told him to remain sober when in offices.

Devin never goes to offices…Devin International has 2300 offices all over the globe, with his hands in all sorts of fields ranging from leather to food and owning his own press to making his own weapons; he has all establishments that could turn his money white and simultaneously support his other businesses that he is a pro in. Most of these offices, he barely knows of…as to what business they do or where they are for that matter.

He doesn’t like going to these offices because it makes him uncomfortable, something that he could have done without becoming what he is. He bought Fistung Corp not just to catch hold of Faith Grey but also to gain access to his new target. Fistung Corp provides high level security solutions to banks and museums etc. But right now this one woman here was pissing him off more than the fact of being in here.

” I need the address of that lady…right now”


“Right now…”

Stark rushed out of the cabin. Devin had a plan…which of course Gary would never approve of…but this was what he wanted to do in the first place.

“I wont let her go…either she agrees or she dies…”

“Hello…Bee…I have some work here for you”.

In Devin’s case, the charming face is just a mask he wears…and rage withers it off.

The image is a painting from famous play Phantom of Opera. Find the image here.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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