Falling for guns#9
I was left alone in the room. In the office of Managing Director, Fistung Devin Corp.
I just wanted my job back…maybe even my promotion…but this…this is something I cant register.

It seems somehow a way of trapping me in a web…Mr. White obviously believes I know something about that train incident and that may talk to cops about it. No clue to what am supposed to be knowing….and how material the information is to him…to bribe me with a dream job like this. He might opt for more devious ways if I decline.

He was just yesterday…trying to extort me…threaten me…and now this. I wonder what more could come. Should I be grave with Mr.White…its easy here to exploit him in this situation….take him to cops somehow.

Am I capable for this…cause he seems too dangerous.
I have to decide right now…need to know the reason behind this all. He will tell me….sooner or later…till then I have no answers…to anything at all.

I stepped out of the room that suddenly had started to seem smaller and darker. Devin and the admin standing in the hallway. Devin on a phone call and Stark waiting for me…I guess.I just knew what I am capable of right now…to bring this issue flat naked before me.

“Stark…am leaving…tell Mr. White I don’t need the job.” this was loud enough to make Devin turn…turn to see me march towards the lift. I could see how that surprised him, but he is devious enough to find a way out to me again…am sure.

This is so draining…donno about the web he’s weaving…I feel already trapped in my own version of this. This confusion has drained me…I feel trapped…despite being free. Devin is so difficult to handle, I wonder if I should go to the cops…I cant decide at all.

find the image here.

find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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